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Mindset Divine-Covenant Coaching.

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Bishop Naomi Davis

Ministry is a unique mixture of self-awareness, experience, conviction, and transparency. Bishop Naomi believes the end result must have a real impact to encourage, energize, and/or awaken us to a truth found within.  The key is to live one’s truth and share it in love. She is a visionary leader with a prophetic voice calling us to become our divine selves. #BEyourdivineyou

We are all on a journey.    I am the first female to be ordained a priest and bishop in my organization.  It has been a life changing and formative experience.  I am a servant-leader with a passion to empower others through facilitating small groups and one-on-one mentoring of emerging leaders.  I am sharing my journey to encourage someone who may feel like they have to have something grand to offer.  You are enough! Share who you are and the gifts that you have in your possession.  We change this world one by one.  Wherever two or three are gathered….